Come Home

Jesus told the story about a son coming home to tell us about what Father God is like and lots more.  God, according to Jesus, who ought to know, is like a loving, patient father, waiting for his son to come back.

So this son, instead of waiting for his inheritance when his father died, asked for it now and left. Then he went to another town and had lots of wild parties. Until the money ran out.

It got so bad that he had to take a job feeding pigs. He was a Jew, and they think pigs are unclean. So it was the worst of the worst to be feeding pigs. It was even worse than that. For some reason, maybe he wasn’t paid or wasn’t paid enough, but he was still hungry. He had to eat the pig slop.

So, finally he comes to himself and thinks maybe he should return home. There are servants in his father’s house who are better off than he is in the pig sty.

So he makes a speech of saying how sorry he is and asking to be made a servant. As he is coming up the lane toward the family house, the Father sees him Now, instead of waiting as would be normal in that culture, the Father runs out to meet him.

The son didn’t even get to the request to be a servant, before the Father was calling for clothes and a party. Even the signet ring. He was accepted as a son, a trusted son! “MY son who was dead, has come back to life.”

Now the older brother wasn’t so happy. Doesn’t matter. Father speaks to him. Older brother can come to the party or not; that is not the issue for the prodigal.

So, come home. God is waiting for  you. God is waiting with open arms. The angels are ready to celebrate.

You can pray and God will hear you. Jesus specializes in answering this prayer: “Help me, Lord.”  To come home, pray, “Lord, I want to come home. I give you my life. I take your life. I believe that You raised Jesus from the dead.”  That is because God is raising you from the dead. Right then and you will see more and more. Just believe it as best you can. God will do the rest.

We will welcome you into the house and try not to be too much like the big brother in the story. LOL

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Ready I John 1. Once you discern how much God loves you, you will not want to sin. Get away from any people who sin like you are tempted to. Get with someone whom you respect, who loves God and is working on loving you.


Okay, look, if the Creator of the Universe is your loving daddy, then, there shouldn’t be a problem. Okay, no judgment; we understand problems. But there shouldn’t be, right? So if the world is a dark, dangerous sea, then look at Jesus the lighthouse. Prayer, cry out, read scripture — and keep doing it. Until it fills your mind.

If you have a specific problem — you can study the word on it, and then seek God. Okay, realize please, not fuss about the problem. Get real close to God and then listen. Or if close, then ask.

This should work. Now, when other people are involved, be patient, because they have wills too, but the Holy Spirit, angels and time do work. If praying for salvation for someone else, especially your loved ones, you might pray for the Lord to send harvesters across his path.

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