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Pentecost is On — Meetings back to Zoom for the time being

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We had a pretty good Pentecost Potluck party. The Awakening is On. It starts by repentance/healing — letting God clean us out so Holy Spirit can flow through us. It means be being filled. It means moving in the gifts – even in creative miracles. It means speaking the Word in boldness.
I really thank the 3 people who really went out of their way to come. Those who did not, really missed it.
Given lots of ins and outs that I won’t go into, I’ve decided to go back to Zoom for the time being.
See you Sunday, I hope!

If you are looking for mid-week meetings, this week you can tune into — as well as the usual recommendation of T & Th
and Friday evening

This guy is in LA and you can get his service in the afternoon, and also Friday prayer

Most pastors NEVER recommend you watch someone else – for more reasons that one. I’ll just say: if you have any questions, let me know. Just be sure you are fed. There is LOTS available, so beside YOUR OWN prayer, singing, and Bible reading — there is no reason not to be fully fed and grow as fast as you can, especially if you have to be inside. There is benefit to sticking to one channel, rather than getting confused: one preacher teaches faith and another not so much, and a third not at all. Even in the short history of this church, we have had this problem. So you are best advised to tune into recommended sources.

But it it time to be out. Listen to God and serve people.


Another Summary of Where we Are in The Timeline of God

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Lance Wallnau explains the swirl of current events, including the “pandemic” and “the deep state” and gives direction to the church. Pentecost is power for witness and the church is to be a temple for all the nations.
Be sure to subscribe HERE — because social media is often shut down for anyone who doesn’t got with the false narrative.

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Walk To Emmaus

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Sorry, forgot to record the service, but here is a short recap.
Psalm 78 notice: the theme of rehearsing the miracles in times past.
Luke 24 Jesus revealed on the walk to Emmaus: notice the same theme
Jesus comes to the two who are talking about what he had done and said, so much that they thought everyone was thinking about it
Notice how they characterize Jesus: the devoted one, the prophet, mighty in DEED and word
Notice they were sad, they speak of the hope, now forlorn
Notice they were bewildered at the women’s story
Jesus rehearses all the Scripture, how the Messiah was to suffer and rise again
Jesus did the usual blessing before the meal, hosting presumably because he was the teacher
in this, He revealed Himself
Then, the two were so excited, they went all the way back, in order to tell the eleven
Jesus came again, when they were rehearsing what He had said and did
He tells them they are to be witnesses, but wait for the power to come on Pentecost
In the same way, we have the key to rehearse what God has said and done, and inquire as we walk and talk, and now, look for Jesus
And expect power to be a witness, coming on Pentecost
Since we have seen such apocalyptic happenings this Spring, such a great rescue this Passover, not surprising we expect a Pentecost to mirror the first one.
expecting to meet face to face soon, expecting to focus on evangelism soon

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Chariot Wheels Falling Off

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We had difficulties with Zooming today.
So, I recorded the meeting, pretty much like it would have been had we met via Zoom.
This won’t stay up … gone now.

BTW, very happy that my theme has been verified prophetically. Other, bigger “men of God” have been referring to the chariot wheels coming off. Praise God .. So good to not only protect us but to speak to us… and consistently so. And so very important in this hour. Thank you, Lord!

We will have words and pix with the music from now on when using Zoom. Sorry for that lack before. BTW, discovered that our problems Sunday were because of a glitch that Zoom had. Oh my! on Sunday? Guess we had better pray for tech and for tech protection.

Hoping to be back live on Pentecost Sunday. That is May 31. Hope it will be a potluck party. Stay tuned for an announcement.
Then after that, hoping for personal evangelism.

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