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Maturity Sonship

“Sons of God” shows up in Scripture

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WOW! I recently found out that ” ‘uois” the Greek work for mature sons shows up in Scripture 7 times. AMAZING. And with all the preaching I have heard on sonship doctrine, I never heard this. Have you? If you are new to sonship doctrine, this will establish what is up — that there are …

Well, I will get back to you on that. there might be more.

Anyway, let’s study those instances I did find.


Things are quiet for the summer – but still having Bible Study

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We will continue having ladies’ Bible study, but we are flexible about time, around travel. Please communicate by emailing

Right now, we have an international flair. We are very welcoming of people from other countries. Please don’t be shy to join.

We are about to study Philemon. Great surprise: Hidden in the last few verses, Paul demonstrates some resolving of previous conflicts. Fun.

Our prayer series on The Great Shalom has ended, but you may get audio at and wherever you get your podcasts.