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Now Meeting

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We are meeting now on Sunday morning. Have changed the meeting time to 9:30 am. (We expect that our meeting will end about 11:00 for now. Children are welcome.)

Currently we are meeting in a public place and hope to soon be meeting in a home. Both in central Cedar Park. To find out where, please either fill out the form with your name and email, or better yet, leave your name and number on this voice mail: 512-249-7629. Sorry about this extra step, but we have found through experience that we need to use wisdom with security.

Our statement of faith is posted here. All are welcomed — who want to do what we covenant together to do: worship God through Jesus & Holy Spirit, and **grow** together in healthy community and serviceful vocation, instructed by Bible and led by Holy Spirit.

A warm welcome to those who are looking for healing of spirit. A hand of fellowship to those who want to selflessly serve the Lord. The blood of Jesus for those who wish to make spiritual warfare.

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Vilification or Evil Speaking – Prominent Topic for Aspiring Sons

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One of John Wesley’s most famous sermons was “The Cure of Evil Speaking.” “Evil speaking” comes from Ephesians 4: 31. Wesley translated it “vilification.” Modern Americans might say informally “speaking bad about a brother or sister in the Lord.” Wesley’s cure was Matthew 18. Once one considers the matter, one is given a great and important insight.

We know that our words matter. However, this is a point, this speaking ill of other sons/daughters that has been overlooked, forgotten, not understood, or intentionally perverted.  Far from being the ideal management tool, it is sin tantamount to blasphemy! This is vital information for any who are intending ( or eve were once intending) to mature into the Sons/’Uios of God.