How to Pray in Public : Leading in Prayer like Pro When Asked


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Eight audio files on how to lead in prayer in public, including in diverse groups :

How to Pray, or Lead in Prayer, in Public

Avoid Common Mistakes

Classic Structure for Prayer – never be at a loss

Content of Prayer

Delivery Tips

Praying in Mixed Groups – different denominations or even different religions

How to Pray in Public: Conclusion




I was being asked to lead in prayer in a variety of meetings/ People were impressed. I actually got “oohs” and “ahs” and “amens.”  Finally, someone asked me to teach how to do likewise. Here is that teaching.

So, here is how I can teach you to pray in public. I mean, how to lead in prayer. Basic praying, personally, is a different teaching. This course includes common mistakes, a structure to use so that you are never at a loss, and how to navigate when different denominations – or even religions — are present.

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