Challenging or Correcting


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4 major challenges or corrections to what has been central doctrine or practices in “The Move”

1. It is very serious to tell people that can not hear from God Holy Spirit. Worse to manipulate them into giving it up in a way they don’t realize it.

2. The church has already sorted out whether salvation is by faith or works. We never signed up for salvation by works. The Move doesn’t teach that, but assumes people are saved before they come. But, then, how do we finish what we begun? We do think we are perfected by works? Clearly, the teaching is that we are crucified by Body life; does that mean that we give up our Christ life to follow whatever the elders say? Isn’t that works?

3. Did Jesus die to obtain salvation for Himself? For us?  What does Hebrews 9 really say? How do we reach perfection? What does the Bible say?

4. What is the method for correction in The Move?  Is it intended to correct? Or enslave?

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