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Biblical, Organized, Understandable Path Toward Sonship


There is something in the Bible that has been called sonship. One might also call it spiritual maturity. It is a high calling. The thing is, if we are going to become sons of God, we must know what it is, how to get there, and overcome hurts that create blockages.

We were in a group that claimed to have the unique revelation. We enjoyed it a great deal. There were some big problems that arose. We need a way forward. I offer these 3 things here.

However, first before going on, perhaps we need to deal with the history. Healing begins with honesty, proceeds through repentance and forgiveness. When I published these messages via podcast, I first preached some basics about sonship, thus establishing that I knew the doctrine. Then, I covered the history as I knew it. I admit freely that people had a variety of experiences because different places  and times were different as well as different personalities. Finally, I offer some insights on what would make a way forward, typically better leadership through training.

So, let’s proceed with 3 groups os information 1) basic sonship doctrine from the Bible. 2) History of the Move of God founded by Sam Fife and 3) insights on how best to proceed.


There is a great deal of confusion,  disiullsionment, even despair. We can heal and move on, but first the confusion must be dispelled. Things should be clear in just a few messages that ground sonship in the Bible, in how it is written actually in Greek, and not in grandiose, ever changing, but often repeated weird ideas. Let’s get clear on what the Bible says. And a little on what it does not say. And admit what we don’t know.

Clarity will permit rejection of the wrongs that hurt. Clarity will permit repentance and forgivness.  These will permit moving on.

Let’s us go on, on to joy and peace in believing  (leaving behind assuming, fearing, hurting, wondering, doubting, and knuckling under.)

Get clear. Take out the trash. Heal. Hope again.


We offer x messages on basic sonship, from the Bible in clear and organized fashion.

Then there are y episodes on history as I knew and lived it.

Then there is an episode on repentance and forgiveness.

Then, there are z episodes on suggestions for better leadership and better leadership training.

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There is a separate set of messages on the Feasts of Israel, sharing some expertise from the Move to people newly interested in the Feasts.


We were presented with the call of “going all the way with God.” We gave up all we were ad ever would be. We met wonderful people. Our whole lives were ruined. Our economics were collapsed. Some of us lost marriages; and others married people we never should have, or would have. We had wonderful children. We wonder over our cups of tea. We just can’t let it all go to waste.

We can, and in most cases really ARE, mature sons of God. We need to get our confidence back. First, perhaps hope, and last perhaps faith. But God is still there. High calling is still there. The wounds, the misdirection, even the mistakes, can all be used.

Clearly, the times are more momentous than they were even in the 1970s. The lessons even more important. The maturity and leadership have never been more important. Let us share what we know.


Remaining confused.

Remaining hurt.

Remaining sidelined.

Remaining disconnected.

Remaining unequipped, when equipage is all around.


What did you most like about those years? Do you imagine the thrill was only in youth? No, the thrill was wind of Holy Spirit in our sales. Let’s mend the sails, unfurl them again, and let’s be moved along with Holy Spirit once again. Hope again. Happy again. With a troop once again. God is calling out and forming a people, an army of God. LOL  Yes, still. Arise, shine, for your Light has come!

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