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  1. Pastor Sharon Post author

    I’ve been asked who is invited. Anyone who is not sick is invited. Anyone who is sick is invited to visit online and be added to our prayer list. Then we will see them next week.

  2. Pastor Sharon Post author

    COMMUNION: Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow host daily communion right now. Accessible on Facebook, Zoom, or podcast on Apple podcast

    For Wednesday nights, see and available in podcast
    OR Perry Stone offers service on Tuesday evenings 6:00 CT and Prayer meeting on Th evenings 5:30 CT.
    AND Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda offer Prayer Meeting Fridays 6:30 CT – 10:00pm or so

    Q. Wait, Sharon. The Enlows and the Stones disagree on the time line. Answer. Yes, they do. But they are great Bible teachers and full of the Spirit. We will follow the Chavdas on that and say, the exact time of the rapture is something we don’t know.