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Paul’s Last Word to Leaders in Ephesus About how to be Good Leaders

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Today, we work through the story in Acts 20. These are Paul’s last words to the leaders in Ephesus, telling them how to be good leaders. Indeed, Ephesus was then, and remained, a very important congregation, not only in a large city, but also having very influential leadership.

This message was quickened to me. In my usual morning reading, I noticed what Paul had to say to the leaders at Ephesus. He was in a hurry, but took time to see them. He called them to travel to come to see him. (Remember, no cars back then.) He had something important to tell them. He would not see them again. So, what did he tell them? He told them how to be good leaders, pointing out his own example. Strong words and sweet.

Let’s go through them together.