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JPS Plans for upcoming episodes

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Hi you all! Really have enjoyed this project: re-preaching the sonship message. I think I am about finished with that. So glad that some of you all have enjoyed it too.

This episode I talk a little about what I want to do next. I hope to share some first about how to tell what is true. Will be posting an episode about the 12 lies in the church. Also, I want to get into your hands a series about how to tell what is true. I think this is vital in this hour, for sure.

Then, I feel called to address the Feasts. There seems to be real hunger for Hebrew roots, and the sonship group I/we are rooted in had a lot to offer there. Let’s see what the Word says and what the Spirit says now about the Feasts.  Next is Trumpets… coming up.

So: plans to address 12 major lies in the church and then the Feasts

Please, please, please, communicate with me. Ask questions. Share prayer requests. Okay to make requests for topics. (For complaints, think twice. For fussing about the Move, while possibly necessary, this is not the right place. I can not help with that. There are other places/groups.) But please, share the love, and communicate.

Controversial Issues

Letter to the American Church: Wake up and Speak up

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Notice what Eric Metaxes says about minutes 30. If you can’t speak against injustice, what kind of gospel do you believe in?

Also, I commend to your study: Mario Murillo’s  Don’t Leave Quietly, rooted in the story about Paul leaving the Phillippian jail. He did this to protect the new little church rather than for his own pride. This tells us alot about how cowed we have been.

For more on that, see Dr. Marlene MacMillan’s work, particularly the webinar on Sept 14, 2022 how so many trainings and meetings are covertly managed to get to a pre-determined “consensus” and anyone who has an unalterable plumbline gets shamed or “compassionately” excluded.  Dr. MacMillan unmasks a lot of overt silencing and covert communization that has been going on in our society. Mind blowing!

How often have we been told that we must not speak about “politics” in church and we must not speak about “religion” outside of church. So, important topics just are impolite? forbidden? Really! Did George Washington, John Adams, or even Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson think so? Nope. How about Jesus. LOL Let’s work on getting free. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.