One would have thought it would be some time before we could announce we have a youth group. Maybe some time after that, when we know these youth, we could announce a trip. A great trip would be to Warrior Fest at Omega Center International in Cleveland TN, hosted by Perry Stone. Lots of kids get saved, delivered from things like drugs and cigarettes, and many more get encouraged in their Christian walk at Warrior Fest. But it is a big deal to travel across the county.

But HA! since We have been asked not to have large gatherings, so Brother Stone has announced that Warrior Fest will be online. Free! Ha! So may revival spread infinitely.

And since that is the case, I am announcing we are partnering with the effort. HAHA. So if you have any young people, encourage them to watch. We will post at least one link here. Probably there will be sessions on Facebook, but OCI has streaming on their site. I would say go to www.perrystone.org and look for a red button on the upper right hand “watch live.”

Now, if we can get together some young people, I would be happy to host them at my house. Let’s keep our eye out for youth. It is temping to talk just to folks who are looking like they already understand the value of Bible study, but if we listen and look, Holy Spirit will lead us to people who need help and would like to understand the value of Bible study.

What satan meant for evil, God will use for good. Who knew that there would be a great revival when everyone stayed home?! HAHA!

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