Mission Snship

Jesus the Pattern Son – an attempt to teach Sonship doctrine faithfully

My assignment is to re-preach the sonship doctrine, faithfully to the Bible, within orthodoxy, fully, and in an organized manner.

Today we post our first and most introductory podcast. Sonship is great news because it is an invitation to a deeper walk with God, to being saved to the uttermost. This may come as a great surprise to both camps, but seems a great place to start in explaining what sonship would be.  We establish how this is wonderful news… and is true.  This is necessary to 2 reasons. 1) Those who are unfamiliar with the doctrine will need this assurance and 2) those who are familiar with the doctrine have become disillusioned and despondent and need to know both that I know the original doctrine and to re-hear it themselves.

For Spanish, please see. www.JesusHijoModelo.com

There are others who have preached sonship. Of course, we are indebted to them. I will not pretend that I received ALL of this prophetically. Much of what I bring to the table is a lifetime of living in and chewing on this doctrine. And also, a solid orthodox theological education. No one could fulfill this assignment who did not bring together this very disparate gifts. Here is a link to one of those  to whom all of us are beholden: Bill Britton. 

Our aim is not to call anyone out. We are not here to judge the attempts of others. We will talk about doctrine, principles, and best ways of proceeding. Let’s all attempt to BE sons and avoid the temptation to pride that seems extraordinarily common in “sonship” circles.


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