Single Mothers

Project Now: Mutual Support for Single Women, Single-Moms, Isolated-in-Marriage Women.

Right now our number one mission is helping single women, single mothers, and women who are feeling isolated in their marriages. Our help is to reach out with the love of God.

So far we are having weekly Bible study on Tuesdays at 9:00 am at the MacDonald’s at the corner of Old 183/Bell Blvd. and Whitestone/1431.

You are welcome if you are a female and want to do what we want to do. We are doing a quick study of a book of the Bible each week. We check in/share life. We listen and we give our opinions. That is all. (So you do not have to agree with us but do have to be willing to listen to other people’s opinions. You have to want to study the Bible. Doesn’t matter your particular doctrinal views as long as you, with us, look honestly at the pages. But if you come to disrupt and/or stop us, then we will ask you to leave. Just saying the boundaries so everyone stays safe and comfortable.) Welcome.

At this point, this women’s group is listed on — Single Mothers…. Original Group.

If you have women who want to meet at a different time and place, and want to invite Sister Sharon (M.Div., former pastor, commanded of God) to lead, great. You might want to visit first if possible. We would be happy to have other groups throughout the city. We also have candidates for leaders in nearby towns. (If you want to do what we are doing without being connected, great; but don’t use our name or say you are connected if you are not.)

Later we might have other projects. We are not giving out money, food, or housing. Nor are we trying to control anyone or look down on anyone. Y’all come.

Please share!!! (We don’t want to post anyone’s personal info on the web. You can ask a question or comment below. You can say if it is to be posted or private.)

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