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We Are Changing Our Name

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I originally named this site and group “Jesus Name Austin” because 1) I noticed how often Jesus was left  out of church and wanted to work against that trend. 2) If someone bleary eyed looked up Jesus in a phone book, I wanted them to get us. However, I am getting unbidden lectures from people nearer on the family tree. They are mistaking me for United Pentecostal Jesus only! Bless their heart! I think the larger number of people who are active church members without the name of Jesus. Certainly, even more people are without Jesus. Yet, I don’t want misleading branding.

Also, perhaps I can fold this in with another project, Jesus Pattern Son. That is really very deep, and not much of a conversation for everyone. Up until now, that has been more for people in and now out of an existing group.

I would like to start congregations. This is the central difference: let’s grow up, let’s have high aspirations, let’s take on the blessing. So really, that is connecting Jesus the Pattern Son with service to the world, through the community of the church.

Let’s see if this will work. Jesus Name Austin will host the podcast of Jesus Pattern Son. And Jesus Pattern Son will be the message to start congregations.

(We have a podcast in Spanish, also: )  Previously, English episodes were posted there or on a Blubrry site.