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We are beginning some activities. Let me know what you are interested in:

1) Ladies mid-week Bible Study
2) Hebrew roots group Sabbath
3) Live Local Group (based on the manual of Jarrin Jackson. Starts with community building, goes to basic sensible emergency preparedness, encouraging local economy, finally upbeat proper political engagement locally
4) Alternative health club (with guest speakers)
5) Prayer for civic leaders/government
6) Joining a time limited Biblical Citizenship class Saturday evenings
7) 7M action team (each person works on their area of calling with mastermind support from group)8) House church(es)

It is unlikely that all of these will make right away. I doubt anyone wants to do All of these. Those who have more people sign up will make. Please let me know what you are interested in, that is, willing to commit to participation at least for 8-16 weeks.

I know that many are disgruntled and dismayed by the failures of the church and of politics. The answer is not to retreat to your screens. The answer is to join together, conquer your own failures, and work together to make a more healthy, more functional, more ideal situation. Not so much an organization as an organism. Be the change you want to see.