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New Temporary Place for Sunday Meeting

Given the craziness of Austin just right now, maybe we had better meet in Cedar Park. Apologies to those who live south.

I just can’t see risking my members to a threat of a $2K fine. How would you eat or drink with a mask on? What is the purpose of this? I can’t even see why the businesses in Austin are supporting this craziness. Altho there is a threatened fine, everyone knows it is extra-legal and can not be enforced. Especially if everyone would stand together. I kinda wonder if I should support them. The vendor we are supporting was requiring masks even before Adler imposed his ruling.

I don’t have to go into the extra-legality of having a mayor impose a law. Further, given that we have seen explicit attacks on the church (in the country more than in Texas of course) it is time to be vigilant.

So, once again, an open air meeting place. Open park. On Cedar Park Drive at Prize Oaks. Bring Bible, and you own food and drink.

Love and blessings,
Pastor Sharon

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